Usage Rules

Inspired by the Caribbean Islands and created using my own original and public domain clip art, these images are free for PERSONAL USE with the following conditions:

  • Do NOT link to these graphics, download them to your own hard drive or server.
  • Do not include in any collections without my explicit, written permission (and I rarely grant permission).
  • Do not alter, spindle, recolor, or mutilate my images, except for adding text to buttons and banners.  If you want something different, I will do the customizations for you for a reasonable fee.
  • All images retain my copyright unless purchased.
  • Permission is not needed to use these images on a personal home page, but please send me an email with your web address so I can take a look at your page.
  • These images may not be used on pornographic or hate-promoting sites.
  • Place credit and a link to my index page on each and every page where any of my images appear.  You can either use a text link or one of the buttons below.  In addition, many of the sets have matching credit buttons.
    • URL:
  • Commercial users, please check my rates and information. These images are free-use for personal web pages only.  You are considered commercial if you are selling anything, using your website mostly as a vehicle to promote your business, charging someone else to do a web page for them, etc.  No, I don't make exceptions because you are 'just starting out' or any other circumstances.  If you are trying to make money off your website, you should be able to understand why I want to do the same.
© Debbi Rapp,  1999, 2003