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Created 6/9/2000


We left from Tampa with sunshine and temperatures in the high eighties.  Landing in New York at a rainy 49 degrees, our first stop was the airport bathroom to change out of our shorts.  Less than an our later, we arrived at the Roosevelt Hotel on Madison Avenue for our two day stay. 

The old hotel is beautifully restored, but I was suprised at how small the rooms are, especially after being used to staying in timeshares.  Anyway, with only two days, it was hard to know what to do.  We settled for a walking tour.  With the rain drizzling down, we bought umbrellas from a street vendor and started out.  Seven hours later, we had walked to Central Park and back, stopping at several of the sights along the way: Saks, Radio City Music Hall, Trump Tower, Park Avenue, and much more.  It was wonderful taking in the sights and watching the people. 

After a couple hours rest, we headed out to Connelly's pub for some Irish Stew and a  Black 47 concert.  We've seen them a couple of times in Tampa, and both of us just love them.  The concert was fabulous, but after a plane trip, seven hours of walking the streets, and two hours standing and dancing at the concert, we were beat - at least I was. 

Day 2 started with mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral.  Beautiful, massive church.  None of my pictures did it any justice at all.  After mass, we restarted our tour.  I wanted to ride the subway, so we walked the few blocks to Grand Central Station.  Very overwhelming.  Finally after asking directions about twenty times, we got on a subway to the Soho area.  We walked through Soho to Greenwich Village, checking out many of the little shops we found.  We walked through some residential areas to the river and back then got on another subway to Broadway. 

Finally we reached Times Square.  No pictures or TV coverage prepared us for that first live sight.  WOW!  We both stood gawking at all the lights for a full five minutes before we could even move.  After taking in the sights there, dusk was beginning to fall so it was time to get back to the hotel to get ready for dinner.

We had our 'fancy' dinner at a fairly new restaurant called the Firebird (near Times Square).  It was a beautiful restaurant with Russian cuisine.  It gets two thumbs up from us - especially for their signature drink, Honey Vodka.  The vodka has honey added and is steeped with cinnamon, cloves, and pepper. Delicious!  I've got to experiment to see if I can duplicate it.

From there we flew to Buffalo where we picked up a car and had lunch at the Anchor Bar, makers of the original Buffalo Wings. Yes, they ARE everything a Buffalo wing should be.  Nobody does it better.

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The view from our 
hotel room - 
it's so New York.

The Black 47 concert
at Connelly's was great.

Dan's looking very lost
in Grand Central Station.

That first view of
Times Square
was awesome!

Naked Boys Singing?
I'm sorry I missed that.

Charles Street.
Dan loves the look of this.

Dinner at the Firebird - barely able to sit up ater a bottle of wine and 2 of their special Firebird Honey Vodkas.

The Anchor Bar in Buffalo.
Home of the original
Buffalo Wings.

Lunch at the Anchor Bar.
Yes the wings DO live 
up to the hype.

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It was a short drive to Niagara Falls, where we stayed at a much more reasonably priced Canadian hotel.  It was still raining, but the falls were pretty cool even in the rain.  We did all the tourist things: the boat ride, journey behind the falls, the Spanish Aerocar over the whirlpool, visited the Butterfly Conservatory, and stopped at nearly every gift shop in between.  One night we had dinner at the Skylon tower, a large revolving restaurant.  The view was incredible and there was a fireworks display that night. 

The second night we went to the Casino, our first visit to one.  It was fun, but I can't say I see the appeal of throwing my money in slot machines for hours on end.  We switched to video poker later, which was a lot more fun - and I actually came out ahead on it. 

The final day we drove to the small town of St. Catherine's to go to a huge flea market.  As it turns out, it wasn't open (guess I should have read the entire brochure), but we found a micro-brewery & bought some Canadian beer, ate at the 'Nearly Famous Red Hot Chili Pepper' Restaurant and talked to some of the locals.  All in all, it was a lot of fun.

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We finally found the end of
the rainbow, but the pot of gold
is still out of reach.

The Butterfly Conservatory
has hundreds of beautiful
winged creatues of every color.

We rode the Spanish Aerocar
across those flimsy wires?
What were we thinking?

With all the rain we had,
the water from this didn't
make that much difference.
And we got a free raincoat.

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The last leg of our journey was back in New York - to Canandaigua.  Dan's sister Pat got married.  We had time to relax, and visit with relatives.  The wedding was lovely and went off without a hitch, despite Richard's pre-wedding anxiety.  The finger lakes region is beautiful and we spent one afternoon driving the countryside and visited a winery.  All to soon, it was over and we had to fly back to face the daily grind.

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Uh, excuse me.  Can 
we finish the wedding before 
you start the honeymoon?

Yes! We made it!

Can I have my cake 
and eat it too?

If I knew we were getting
all these presents, I'd
have done this sooner!

Mom, Richard traded his 
hat for my veil and 
won't give it back!"

Ok, Everyone,
time to GET DOWN!

Congratulations Pat & Richard!

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