2007 Pictures

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The Bedroom Remodeling Continues

New wrought iron headboard and valances made from the trim and a Guatamalan hammock.

Debbi's dresser.
Bought the mirror in San Antonio and had it shipped here.

Dan's dresser - topped with a Mexican vase and a watercolor of one of the ruins in Tulum.

Found this very cool shutter cabinet to store sheets and blankets.  Will eventually put the DVD and VCR in it too.

Close up of the door trim.

Some of the decorative items.
Stone Brazilian-made parrot.
1944 Mayan god Kalua bottle.
Hand painted lizard.

Close up of my Tulum painting.

Pretty much finished now, except for a few more decorative touches.


It was a beautiful day for a party.  There was much eating, drinking, swimming, and soaking up sunshine.

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