Tropical Nights: Non-Tropical Images
I've branched out a little from my tropical images. These images, designed using my 
own original and public domain clip art, are free for PERSONAL use with a few conditions.  Please read THE RULES before using any images.

For information on using my images on commercial pages, click here.

Native American Beadwork Native American Beadwork Native American 
Feb 03.  Multi-color beads in Native American patterns . 
Neon Jukebox Set Neon Jukebox Neon Jukebox Dec 01.  Javascript mouseover menu on a pulsating neon jukebox. 
Medieval Fantasy Set Medieval Fantasy Runic Visions Apr 00.  Ancient Runes and ornaments on Flax. 
Medieval Fantasy Set Medieval Fantasy Medieval Fantasy Sep 99.  Mythical Beasts and Medieval Ornaments in regal purple and gold.
Ancient Egypt Set Ancient Egypt Ancient Egypt Jun 99. Images from Ancient Egypt.
Vibrant Geometrix 1 Vibrant Geometrix 1 Apr 99.  Bold and sassy, but still very text friendly.
The Gryphon The Gryphon Nov 98.  A fantasy themed set
A Tribute to peter max A Tribute to peter max Aug 98.  Done in the pop-art style of the late 
60's to early 70's.
Native American Vistas Native American Vistas Aug 98.  Done in turquoise, red, and black, this set pays tribute to the original Americans.
Celtic Set 2 Celtic Set 2 Jul 98.  Celtic Knots in rosewood shades.
Celtic Set 1 Celtic Set 1 Jul 98.  Celtic Knots in shades of blue.
Lost in Space Lost in Space Jun 98,  A spacey background and things that go bump in the night sky.


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